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Radar information reception and processing towers PORI-P2М, PORI-P2VМ

Radar information reception and processing towers PORI-P2М, PORI-P2VМ
PORI-P2М, PORI-P2VМ (9S467-2М, 9S467-2ВМ) radar information reception and processing towers are designed for radar information reception processing and display from coordinating, subordinate objects and they are information unified sources as to air situation for objects of automated control systems with AAD troops and air fleet, for ACS of AAMB “Polyana-D4М1” and PORI-P1М towers. Articles may be used as a control post with radar company or as a command post of radio and technical battalion.

PORI-P2М tower modified arrangement is an article PORI-P2VМ that ensures radar information reception about air situation from radar picket helicopter complex Ка-31 additionally.

Article PORI-P2М (P2VM) consists of mobile units:
  • МP206 mobile unit based on “Ural” vehicle equipped with automation equipment complex, communication equipment, life support equipment, power supply means, and technical means of interface with higher CP, analogue and digital RS;
  • МP207 mobile unit based on “URAL” vehicle equipped with communication equipment, RS and mobile RA connection equipment;
  • diesel power plant based on “КAMAZ” vehicle.

Basic performances

Number of tracked targets and bearings,up to 255
including bearings for active jammerup to 15
Number of interacting objects,up to 11
  • RS with digital output
  • RS and MRA analogue sources
  • interacting CP

up to 5
up to 4
up to 4
AWP number3
Target tracking modes:
  • automatic;
  • semi-automatic;
  • manual;
  • it is provided for possibility to control modes switching on for RS identification.
Tower setting-up time with all RS MRA connection and antenna-mast assemblies setting-up for remote communication45 min

Towers’ automation equipment complex ensures:
  • minimum errors and high efficiency when tracking of target and another air objects including with manoeuvres and traces intersection.
  • AWP monitors display of air object characteristics received via communication channels.
 Mobile towers are compatible with various ACS in informative way and have high interference immunity at the expense of various RS interface.

Articles provide security of own air fleet flight over battalion deployment of AAMB.

Article may operate in combat, stand-by and training modes.