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Unified command-and-observation vehicle 1V172-2

Unified command-and-observation vehicle 1V172-2

Unified command-and-observation vehicle 1V172-2 is designed to ensure an automated and manual control over artillery units,subdivisions when preparing and in progress of combat action, parking and on the move, under various geographic, climatic and meteorological conditions and at any time in a 24 period.

The article 1V172-2 is used as a unified command-and-observation vehicle (UCOV) and command-staff vehicle (CSV) and is able to perform the following functions:
  • COV, CSV of artillery chief and chief of brigade artillery reconnaissance;
  • COV of anti-tank artillery battalion commander;
  • COV of control and artillery reconnaissance battery commander;
  • CSV of anti-tank artillery battalion headquarters chief.
The portable automation equipment complex 1V183 article is being a part of hardware 1V172-2 that is intended to arrange a remote automation- equipped workstation for artillery battery military officer within command observation post.

Based on command-and -observation vehicle 1V172-2 and remote automation equipment (of article 1V183) equipment complex that is intended to ensure automated control with artillery (mortar) battery can be produced.

Basic performances
Number of automated workplace (AEW):
       · Automated workplace for military officer3
       · Automated workplace for signaller1
       · possibility of the connection of two portable computers.
Preparation time and disseminating commands, not more 3,5 min
Time of disseminating commands for one echelon, not more9 sec
Communication range with higher, subordinate interacting objectsup to 300 km
Communication range over the built-in radio communication equipment:
       · MW radio setup to 8 km
       · VHF radio set3 to 30 km
       · HF radio setup to 100 km
Number of data transmission/reception channels8
Time of the article take-down/ setting-up, not more5 min
The article continuous operation time72 hours
The article weight
16 800 kg

According to the customer requirements the article 1V172-2 may be produced based on various wheel base; chassis MT- Lbu, chassis BMP-3, chassis GAZ-233014 “Tigr”, chassis К1Sh1 (APC-80).

The article is completely compatible with artillery  control subsystem with information and technical way and has a unique layout construction.