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Automation equipment complex for command observation post (battery fire control post) of mortar battery 83t888-1.7

Automation equipment complex for command observation post (battery fire control post) of mortar battery 83t888-1.7
Automation equipment complex (article 83t888-1.7) is designed to ensure military officer functions execution of artillery (mortar) battery in automated mode, the battery is equipped with artillery guns, mortars.
The complex ensures automation of all problems solution on artillery (mortar) battery control: complete preparation of data for firing, firing correction calculation, display of data and results of problems solution, reception, processing and formation of combat orders, dispatches, instructions. Visualization of electronic map and navigation when changing of position.

Article 83t888-1.7 includes 2 portable software and hardware complexes (SHC) for commander and chief officer of artillery (mortar) battery, from 4 to 8 sets for a gun commanders depending on guns number in battery.
  • software and hardware complex (SHC) of battery commander (ПТК командира батареи)
  • software and hardware complex (SHC) of battery chief officer (ПТК старшего офицера батареи)
Technical equipment intended for SHC formation for military officers of artillery (mortar) battery is located in transport cases. On Customer’s demand SHC for military officers may be located in soft carriages or load bearing vests, in so doing a tablet computer is used as an automation equipment.

Data exchange between battery commander SHC and chief officer SHC may be performed through wire line (for a distance up to 2 km) or over radio channel. At that as data as voice messages may be transmitted through one wire line.

Additionally a technical equipment set for artillery forward observer- firing corrector may be delivered as a part of complex.The technical equipment set includes portable artillery set, HF and VHF radio stations, scout’s laser device.

Results of field operation and combat firing showed- use of automated mortar battery control complex permits to reduce fire tasks execution time by a factor of two-three, to increase a loss imposed on enemy by a factor of 1,5-2, to decrease ammunition consumption by 10-15%.

Basic performances
Time for an article setting- up and preparation for operation, not more
15 min
Preparation time of battery fire on unplanned target, not more
35 sec
Time of settings calculation for opening fire on unplanned target
5 sec
Time of correction calculation following a burst interception
5 sec
Connection survey time, not more
10 sec
Targets and bursts interception range, at least
4000 m
Measured ranges value (with error not more 10 m)50 m...9000 m
Accuracy of localization, not more
10 m
Range for radio communication and data exchange:
  • COP ( min) battery- battery fire control post, at least
  • COP ( min) battery- artillery forward spotter, at least
  • battery fire control post- gun commander, at least

10 km
10 km
2 km
Article continuous operation time, h, min
24 hour
Overall dimensions of case- container
650 x 510 x 242 mm
Weight of equipment set for a battery commander (chief officer) in transport case, no more than28 kg
Weight of equipment set for a gun commander in load bearing vests,
not more
8 kg