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Greenhouse lamp

Greenhouse lamp
Lamp for greenhouses and hothouses with electronic ballast is designed to floodlight seedlings of various plants (flowers, vegetables) and for conducting the whole cycle of growing plants under artificial light in hothouses conditions.

Greenhouse lamp is completely adjusted for work with domestic electric networks. Special voltage regulator protects the lamp from burning and early breakdowns.

Greenhouse lamps facilitate efficient photosynthesis by creating intensive and even floodlight. Lamps are protected from self-ignition and do not require constant supervision. 

Warming up before switching to nominal raring takes up from 7 to 10 minutes, which helps to increase endurance of the lamp. Optimal working mode is provided due to the unchanging value of power of the lamp. No frequent replacement of the lamps is required.

Steady light without irregularities and flickering makes it possible to grow plants from the moment when sprouts come out to surface and of the stage of ripening. When it is necessary to replace the lamp use only those lamps that meet the requirements, in order to exclude further failures in the work of lamps.

Advantages of lamps with electronic starter and regulator:
  • Simplicity of installation, connection and servicing.
  • Little load on bearing structure.
  • Possibility to work at significant fluctuations of the network in range from 187-242 V with steady light flux.
  • Reducing of starting current.
  • Reducing of energy consumption by not less than 15% due to uninterrupted work of electronic ballast.
  • Steady light flux during the whole service life of the lamp.
  • Increasing of service life by 20% and more due to optimal working mode of the lamp.
  • Protection from lamp failures.
  • Excluding of lamp flickering during work.

Technical characteristics

Lamp typeArc sodium lamp high pressure lamp of ДНаТ 600 type or its import analogue of OSRAM, Philips brands
Rated circuit voltage, V180 - 254
Lamp power, W600
Power factor, not less than0,98
Operating current, not more than, А (at circuit voltage 180 V)3,75
Irradiator suspension height, m3 - 4,5
Климатическое исполнениеУ5
Mass not more than, (without lamp), kg3
Service life, years8