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Universal pneumatic seeder S-6PМ3

Universal pneumatic seeder S-6PМ3
Universal pneumatic seeder S-6PM3 is designed for sowing cereal crops, medium size legumes (peas, lupine and other), crucifers (rape, oilseed radish), clover, timothy-grass, lucerne and other grass seeds with simultaneous injection of granulated mineral fertilizers.

Seeder S-6PМ3 is unitized with tractor of traction classes 1.4; 2.0.

Advantages of S-6PМ3:

  • Even distribution of seed grain along the grasp width;
  • Possibility to work with big amount of stubble remains;
  • Possibility to work with wet soils;
  • Lack of seed grain loss and mechanical damaging;
  • Unified control system for sowing is presented in basic kitting;
  • One machine operator has a possibility for transferring from transportation position into operating position and vice versa with the help of hydraulic system within 1 minute;  
  • Minimal fuel consumption per 1 ha.
Peculiarities of plowshares:
  • Plowshare is represented by sharply edged disk with radial cuts on edges which provide better cross-country ability in the fields with big amount of stubble remains;
  • Plowshares are placed in staggered order, thus preventing soil heaping up;
  • Plowshare is mounted on shock absorbing gaskets, which damps vibration during movement; gaskets protect plowshares from damaging from obstacle hit.
Technical characteristics of seeder S-6PМ3:

Type of seedersemitrailer
Grasp width, m6,0
Productivity per hour of regular time, ha/hfrom 3,6 to 6,0
Number of plowshares48
Depth of seeding, mmfrom 15 to 95
Sowing ability, kg/ha:
       · cereal cropfrom 20 to 257
       · legumesfrom 29 to 306
       · grass and crucifersfrom 1,3 to 104
       · granulated mineral fertilizersfrom 30 to 135
Row-spacing width, mm125 or 250
Tank capacity, dm31800
       · grain-tank1400
       · fertilizer tank400
Plowshare typeSingle-disk
Overall dimensions (LхWхH), mm:
       · in operating position4220 х 6350 х 1970
       · in transport position4345 х 3310 х 2852
Seeder mass, kg1895
Fuel consumption, kg/ha, not more than3,5
Operating speed, km/h, not more than10