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Mounted pneumatic vegetable seeders SONP-4.2, SONP-2.8

Mounted pneumatic vegetable seeders SONP-4.2, SONP-2.8
Mounted pneumatic vegetable seeder SONP-4.2 and SONP-2.8 are designed for precise (dotted and cluster) sowing of grinded and calibrated seeds of tomato, cucumber, red beet, carrot, dill, celery, onion, parsley, pepper, aubergine, marrow, cabbage and others.

SONP-4.2 is unitized with tractors of class 1.4; 2.0.

SONP-2.8 is unitized with tractors of class 0.9; 1.4.

Advantages of SONP:

  • High precision at dosing and evenness of depth of seeding;
  • Vacuum feed system of seed grain excluding its mechanical damaging;
  • Possibility to setup different row-spacing width;
  • Possibility to conduct sowing in one or two rows on even surface and seedbeds;
  • Packed with seed disks for different vegetables and melons.  
Peculiarities of SONP construction:
  • Press wheels firm the soil before and behind the plowshare, thus creating contact between seeds and soil and conditions for their moistening.
  • Fastening of seed distributor makes it possible for a plowshare to copy soil relief, which provides steady depth of seeding.
  • Possibility to regulate sowing section pressure on soil depending on soil type.
Technical characteristics of seeders SONP:

Type of seedermounted
Grasp width, m4,22,8
Productivity per hour of regular time, ha/h
Number of sowing sectionsfrom 6 to 12from 4 to 8
Depth of seeding, mm20-50
Row-spacing width, mmfrom 200from 250
Tank capacity, dm3up to 8
Plowshares typerunner type, one-row, two-row
Overall dimensions (LхWхH), mm:
       · in operating position2300 х 6000 2200 х 3300
       · in transport position6000 х 2300 х 25002200 х 3300
Operating speed, km/hfrom 3 to 8