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Mobile dental room on the base of vehicle KAMAZ-43118

Mobile dental room on the base of vehicle KAMAZ-43118
Mobile dental room on the base of vehicle КАМАZ-43118 is meant for providing dental services for population of the areas remote from dental medical facilities.

Capabilities of КСП-02:
  • preventive examination;
  • diagnosis of dental diseases;
  • therapeutic and surgery dental operations.
General technical characteristics:

Isothermal box body assembled from three-layer panels of “sandwich” type with thickness 60 mm. Outside surface – stainless steel, interior trim – plastic, heat insulation material – foam plastic of ППУ brand. Mobile dental room is manufactured on the chassis of the off-road capability vehicle (6x6).

General technical characteristics of КСП-02:

Rated voltage, V220
Maximum power consumption, not more than, kW10
Water supply, l60
Overall dimensions of van, mm8900 х 2600 х 3740
Overall dimensions of box body, mm6270 х 2600 х 2350
Maximum speed, not more than, km/h75
Temperature conditions of operation, оС-40 ... +40

Equipment layout scheme:
  1. Corner cupboard with shelves
  2. Influx-and-extract fan
  3. Sink
  4. Cupboard
  5. Dental X-ray unit with radiovisiograph
  6. Doctor’s table
  7. Chairs
  8. Dry-air cupboard
  9. Ultraviolet bactericidal chamber
  10. Mounted cupboard
  11. Table with combined sink
  12. Water heater
  13. Emergency entrance door
  14. Dental unit
  15. Recirculator
  16. Laptop
  17. Printer
  18. Compressor
  19. Wardrobe for patients’ clothes
  20. Sofa
  21. Entrance door
  22. Cupboard