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Mobile dental room on the base of vehicle KAMAZ-4308

Mobile dental room on the base of vehicle KAMAZ-4308
Mobile dental room КСП-02 is meant for providing dental services for population of the areas remote from dental medical facilities.

Supply of medicine and materials makes it possible for dentist and nurse to see patients during five days in autonomous manner.


  • high mobility and autonomy;
  • comfortable working conditions for medical personnel and patients;
  • using of computer dental radiography for diagnosis;
  • practically immediate displaying of the image on the laptop screen;
  • printing of pictures on paper with the help of laser printer;
  • X-ray film is not used,
  • no need to develop and dry it;
  • possibility to treat picture mathematically;
  • low operating costs.
Mobile dental room enables:
  • preventive examination and diagnosis of dental diseases using X-ray unit with system of computer dental radiography;
  • obtaining of high-quality X-ray dental pictures on the screen of video monitor;
  • therapeutic and surgery dental operations, tooth filling with the help of conventional and light-reflecting materials.
Equipment layout scheme:
  1. Corner cupboard with shelves
  2. Influx-and-extract fan
  3. Sink
  4. Cupboard
  5. Dental X-ray unit with radiovisiograph
  6. Doctor’s table
  7. Chairs
  8. Dry-air cupboard
  9. Ultraviolet bactericidal chamber
  10. Mounted cupboard
  11. Table with combined sink
  12. Water heater
  13. Emergency entrance door
  14. Dental unit
  15. Recirculator
  16. Laptop
  17. Printer
  18. Compressor
  19. Wardrobe for patients’ clothes
  20. Sofa
  21. Entrance door
  22. Cupboard