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Mobile dental room КСП-01 «П-Р-З»

Mobile dental room КСП-01 «П-Р-З»
Mobile dental room КСП-01 is meant for providing diagnostic, therapeutic and surgery dental health services for population of the areas remote from dental medical facilities.

Supply of medicine and materials makes it possible for dentist and nurse to see patients during five days in autonomous manner.

Mobile dental room is multifunctional and spacious. All necessary medicine and dental equipment are conveniently placed in specially designated places. Thus, room is equally comfortable both for patients and medical personnel. 


  • high mobility and autonomy;
  • comfortable working conditions for medical personnel and patients;
  • using of computer dental radiography for diagnosis;
  • practically immediate displaying of the image on the laptop screen;
  • printing of pictures on paper with the help of laser printer;
  • X-ray film is not used; no need to develop and dry it;
  • possibility to treat picture mathematically;
  • low operating costs.
All equipment used during examination and treatment of patients is attested and has all necessary certificates.

Mobile dental room enables:
  • preventive examination and diagnosis of dental diseases using X-ray unit with system of computer dental radiography;
  • obtaining of high-quality X-ray dental pictures on the screen of video monitor;
  • printing of dental pictures on paper with the help of laser printer;
  • therapeutic and surgery dental operations, tooth filling with the help of conventional and light-reflecting materials.
  • Using of modern equipment considerably saves time and increases patients’ examination number. Owing to the latest equipment doctor can make a diagnosis and administer complex treatment without additional examinations and analyses in regional laboratories.
Transportation of КСП-01 is conducted by means of vehicle of УАЗ-3962 or ГАЗ-3321 type. Body of the room is made of special isothermal plastic.

Base configuration of КСП-01 «П-Р-З»:
  • dental unit;
  • dental compressor;
  • ultraviolet bactericidal irradiator;
  • dry-air sterilizer;
  • ultraviolet bactericidal chamber;
  • X-ray dental wall unit EVOLUTION model Х3000-2С/1;
  • system of computer radiography;
  • personal computer;
  • video tape recorder diagonal 15”;
  • laser printer;
  • air conditioner model Electrolux B 1900;
  • fans Enx 1002SC;
  • fan heaters;
  • electric heating units ЗВАО-10/1,6;
  • dental photo activator;
  • table and chair for dentist;
  • computer table and chair for nurse;
  • tank for water storage (drain);
  • two washstands with sink;
  • cupboard for placing medical tools;
  • wardrobe for patients’ and personnel clothes;
  • cupboard for material storage.

General technical characteristics of КСП-01:

Rated voltage and frequency, V / Hz220 / 50
Maximum power consumption, not more than, kW10
Water supply, l60
Overall dimensions, mm6390 х 2170 х 3070
Mass of fully equipped КСП-01, kg1750
Speed of movement on highway (earthroad), not more than, km/h14 (20)
Full mass of towing vehicle, not less than, kg2500
Temperature conditions of room operation, оСот -10 до +40

Mobile dental room КСП-01 «П-Р-З» is included into public register of medical equipment No. 29/13040503/5535-03 dated 06.08.2003