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Unified command-staff vehicle МP32М1

Unified command-staff vehicle МP32М1
Unified command-staff vehicle МP32M1 is designed for automated and manual control with rocket and missile units and subdivisions equipped with multiple launching rocket systems of medium and large-calibre when arranging of combat actions, in the course of preparation and fire attacks, on a parking and in motion, under various geographical and climatic meteorological conditions, at any time in 24-hour period.

The article may be used as a command post to control the artillery subdivisions. Number of unified command-staff vehicles is defined with organization and establishment of troop formations. 

The article МP32М1 as a unified command post (CP) may be used as:
  • CP of rocket (missile) brigade
  • CP of rocket (missile ) regiment
  • CP of rocket (missile ) battalion
  • CP of rocket (missile ) battery
  • CP of combined missile and rocket units of all control levels
The article МP32М1 ensures batteries (battalions) automated control of missile and rocket complexes equipped with:
  • combat vehicle of 9A52 type and their modified arrangements of large-calibre MLRS complexes;
  • combat vehicles of BМ-21 and their modified arrangements of medium-calibre MLRS complexes;
  • foreign-origin MLRS complexes;
  • tactical and operation-tactical rocket complexes“Skad-V”,“Luna”, “Luna-M”,“Tochka”, “Tochka-U” and their modified arrangements.
The command-staff vehicle МP32М1 ensures information and technical interfacing with following objects:
  • above mentioned CP (article МP32М1)
  • radio direction finding meteorological complex RPKM-1;
  • multi-purpose complex with pilotless aircraft “Orlan-10”;
  • remote automation-equipped workstations;
  • automation equipment complex of command-and-observation post for artillery (mortar) battery (article 83t888-1.7);
  • unified command-and-observation vehicle 1V172-2.
Hardware UCSV МP32М1 is placed on vehicle КAMAZ chassis with box body. According to the customer requirements the article may be produced based on any wheel base.

Main tasks:
  • data collection, processing, display and transmission to higher control units as to location, status and provision of the subordinate units or subdivision;
  • commands reception, processing, documentation, display, formation and transmission to subordinate units for preparation and fire attacks;
  • protection from unauthorized issue for fire attacks commands;
  • solution of special operational-tactical, calculation and informational tasks;
  • article positioning on parking and in motion.

Basic performances
AWP number for military officers7
Number of data transmission/reception channels8
Data transfer rate0,1-16,0 Kb/sec
PC number4
Number of radio channels5
Communication range over the built-in radio communication equipment:
       · VHF radio stationfrom 20 to 60 km
       · March VHF radio stationup to 20 km
       · HF radio setup to 300 km
Accuracy of positioning, not more than30 m
Setting-up/Closing-down time, not more15/15 min 
Continuous operation time, h, min
48 hours
The Article weight is maximum16000 kg