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Mobile control complex for Ministry of Internal Affairs (Ministry of Emergency Situations)

Mobile control complex for Ministry of Internal Affairs (Ministry of Emergency Situations)
The article is developed for the power structures – MIA, MES, FSS, border guards and it permits to control with above forces strategically. Complex hardware complete set is optimum one for general tasks solution, but it may be supplemented depending on specific purpose. Control complex comprises two purpose-built vehicles:
  • command-staff vehicle (КШМ-ПР3-01) based on URAL all-terrain vehicle;
  • portable communication center (ПУС-ПР3-01) based on GAZ-3308 all-terrain vehicle.

Mobile control complex is designed for:
  • ensuring of Operation Headquarters running for special operations;
  • command and control under conditions of lack of fixed telecommunication networks, complexes and communication objects;
  • liaison arrangement of engaged forces and facilities when various tasks executing, centralized control of authorized and attached subdivisions taking part in special operations;
  • access ensuring to the information assets of federal and regional data bases;
  • videoconferencing support;
  • video data and radio communication recording.

MCC is completely independent, equipped with required equipment set for setting-up of Operation Headquarters under field conditions with own communication unit ensuring data exchange through satellite terminal, VHF and HF radio stations, association with local area networks of cell and wire line communication as well as Internet channel.

MCC equipment may run as in motion (with power supply from voltage converter for 12/220V), as for long-term parking (with power supply from petrol generator).

Up to 11 work stations may be arranged in Command-Staff Vehicle (CSV):
  • 7 work stations for military officers of Operation Headquarters;
  • 1 workplace of communication controller;
  • up to 3 extra work stations when holding a meeting.
Up to 4 work places may be arranged in Portable Communication Center:
  • 1 work station for communication operator;
  • 2 work stations for military officers of signal service;
  • 1 extra work station for Operation Headquarters military officer for special operation.